The People Involved with HRA Associates

William A. Halvorson

HRA Associates is a product of the work of William A. Halvorson, his oldest daughter, Janet C. Raphael, and his youngest son, James L. Halvorson. Each of them brings a perspective and talent to the organization but all of the formulas and analyses was started by William in 1969. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with BBA and MBA degrees where he majored in Actuarial Science and minored in Investment and Insurance. He has held the prestigious position of President of both the American Academy of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries. Since 1983, following a successful career as a consulting actuary with Milliman & Robertson, Inc. (now Milliman USA), William has focused his energy to quantifying movements in stock prices and earnings growth rates. This analysis has led to the development of HRA's Sell/Buy System which is now available to investors through the HRA Stock Picks web site. HRA has published its Favorite 30 Stocks to Buy for over 12 years and has managed three investment partnerships since 1992.


Janet Raphael Janet C. Raphael

Janet Raphael holds a BBA in Finance from the UW- Madison and was an investment consultant and advisor for a large financial corporation in NYC, and now is working exclusively with Halvorson Research Associates, LLC. Janet is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has been working with her father on several HRA Investment Partnerships throughout the last 20 years. Janet is currently acting as Portfolio Manager for individual clients, using our proprietary Tiny and Favorite 30 Portfolios, and customizing portfolios to each individual's risk tolerance and investment goals. Her intuition and assessment of the stock market trends and futures is a huge help in determining our Top 6 and Top 30 stocks out of the Top 100 stocks our programs generate. Her trained eye can spot inconsistencies in corporate reports and her 20+ years experience in database and portfolio management is invaluable.


Janet Raphael Erik Hughes

Erik holds a BS in Environmental Business Economics from Rutgers University and has been with Halvorson Research Associates, LLC. since 2008. Erik has been instrumental in the evolution of HRA technologies and process management while respecting tried-and-true practices. “We stand out as a reliable source for quality information, an invaluable thing in today’s cluttered media channels, to which I want more investors to have access and exposure”. After coming from a marketing background, Erik continues his investment discipline under the attentive eyes of both Janet and William.